The Powers of Parallax

The boat tells a story using scrolling parallax.
It is a beautiful harmony of HTML5 benefits like the audio tag and the multi layered, parallax technique.
You can even use an auto scroll checkbox at the bottom left of the page to scroll through the story at reading pace.
It's a fantastic production and I recommend you experience it by following the link below.


Virtual Reality and WebGL: VR Revolution Step 3

So what does that mean?
That means in 5 years it will be common place to put on a VR headset to interact with online content.
Facebook will likely lead the way considering their existing mastery of providing concurrent connection, horizontally scale-able, social networking infrastructure and finalisation of the acquisition of the Oculus in July 2014.
What WebGL does is it allows everyone to start coding their web compatible Virtual Reality applications.

What can Virtual Reality do for my Brand?

For me the outstanding quality which VR offers is immersion. Running your app or AAA game on a traditional 32inch tv is simply what it is, you are observing a two dimension rendered, three dimensional world. Putting on a low latency VR puts you in to this world. It is no longer a 2D screen space representation, because even with the sub 4k resolution of the current VR units, the immersion factor is inescapable.